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For trips to your honeymoon, vacation destinations, weddings, meetings and much more.

Limousine hire Basel

Our Limousine Service Basel stands for excellent transfer with our high quality Vehicles from Mercedes, You have an important meeting and need to discuss some important matters while on the road, hire our limousines for discreet and safe travel from your desired location to your destination.

Limousine Service Basel

Limousine Service Basel in action for you

If you have several appointments in different destinations on one day, eg from Basel out after Zurich, Lucerne, Bern, Geneva / Geneve or other cities in Switzerland, discuss your route with us including our waiting time. We guarantee you a budget price with excellent limousine service around Basel and in Switzerland.

our customers come from the following industries:

• watch industry

• Chemistry

• Pharma

• Transportation

• Mechanical engineering.

Call us, we also like to come by to introduce our chauffeurs and our vehicles, so you can make a first impression. Surely you will then find the right sedan for your business trip.

Your Limousine Service Basel

Hire Limousine Service International

Limousine serviceInternational from Basel means that we also travel long distances with our limousines from Switzerland. No matter if you need to travel quickly from Basel, Zurich or Berne to an appointment abroad, or just want to experience a relaxed journey on your longer journey, we also make sure that you do not miss anything during the journey. We bring you safely and discreetly with our limousine from Basel to Germany or France.

Rent now your VIP shuttle service from the Limousine Service Basel!


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